Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© picture books offer an easy and engaging daily activity with reliably positive results for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. (Purchase books here!)

Dementia Therapy, Books by Dan Koffman

One of the most important and challenging aspects of caring for people with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s is identifying activities that engage the individuals and create connections with their caregivers and the world around them.

In the early stages of the disease, options for engaging and connecting are many. As the disease progresses and attention spans and communication skills become more limited, possibilities are greatly reduced even as engaging and connecting become ever more important.

The simple act of opening a Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© book generates smiles and encourages communication.
Each Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© book focuses on a familiar aspect of life and is filled with simple, bold photo illustrations of familiar objects easily recognizable to most Special Seniors. With no storylines or characters to cause confusion or frustration, Simple Pleasures provides a positive alternative to written books, magazines and television programs. A picture IS worth a thousand words and the pictures in Simple Pleasures books create bright eyes, smiles, laughter, ooh’s and aah’s and verbal communications.

Simple Pleasures books create special moments and lasting memories.
The specific experiences of a person with Alzheimer’s disease are as unique and individual as that person’s thumbprint. But while the manifestations of Alzheimer’s are many, varied and ever-changing, the need to engage and connect remains constant. Moments of loving closeness, happiness, sharing and joyful connectedness are precious and important to Special Seniors and their caregivers.
There’s nothing nice about Alzheimer’s disease, but the quiet reflection and fresh reminiscences sparked by the images in the Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© books may well be a silver lining, creating sweet, shared moments of closeness and joy between Special Seniors and those who love and care for them.

Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© books are for caregivers, too.
The Alzheimer caregiver – whether professional, family member or friend – is called upon to provide every level of care – physical, mental and emotional. The physical acts of care-giving – feeding, bathing, dressing – can be time-consuming and exhausting for Special Senior and caregiver alike, leaving little time and energy for the equally important acts of engaging and connecting. Simple Pleasures books offer a quick, easy to use, reliably positive activity.
Self-contained, with no supplies to purchase and nothing to clean up, Simple Pleasures books can be used anywhere – at home, in the doctor’s office, in care facilities – anytime – between physical care activities, to pass the time between meals, to promote a pleasant state of mind before bedtime – by anyone – a professional caregiver, an activity director, a family member, even a grandchild.

While brilliant researchers are hard at work searching for cures, Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© books are here now to create new times to treasure and help take full advantage of every precious moment with your Special Senior.
Whether at home, in a day care center, a doctor’s office or an Alzheimer’s residential care facility, Simple Pleasures books provide an easy, engaging activity that works reliably every time, every day for Special Seniors with second and third stage Alzheimer’s disease.
Current titles include: FRUITS, FUN FOODS and HAND TOOLS. Other titles will be introduced in the coming months.

Enjoy every precious moment of joyous connection . . . and treasure every day!

Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© book series are ©2008 Dan Koffman.