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Danny Koffman is a creative communicator. Throughout his more than 45 year career, he has communicated as a graphic, commercial and fine artist, designer and marketer of consumer products, community activist and, as the creator of the Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors® series of books, designed specifically for people with memory loss and as a passionate radio show host focusing on broad issues facing people with serious illnesses and their overwhelmed Home CareGivers . . . always adding his signature style of humor.


Giving back to the community both locally and internationally has always been an integral part of Koffman’s life. To that end, he designed the Flag of Peace and Freedom, painted for peace with an African elephant, launched the Golden Rule Activist project and has spearheaded various other community programs.


The experience of witnessing the progression of his father’s dementia and the toll it extracted on his mother who was the primary CareGiver, registered deeply in his heart and mind. Koffman says, “I wanted to do something that would have a positive effect on other families going through this same difficult experience.” The Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors© books, including “Life In The US MILITARY” and the CareTalker Program are the realization of that goal.


For 25 years, he and his wife Sandy had been primary CareGivers to Sandy’s mother who suffers from chronic pain and dementia.


Early in 2012, Sandy was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. Danny became her 24/7 CareGiver. Sandy passed away in August of 2012. It was this profound personal experience, caring for Sandy, his wife of 34 years, that reignited his passion for the subject.


Danny Koffman, The CareTalker, brings a lifetime of unique, powerful and creative skills to the subjects of serious illness and Home CareGiving and wraps it in his own special style of articulate and light-hearted humor . . . He calls it “CareGiving with a Smile!”

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