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  Life in the US Military

Right this moment, there are over 600,000 Military Veterans with Memory Loss. Most are being cared for at home by their spouse or other family member.

Think for just a moment about the 24/7 job of being the primary caregiver for a Veteran with Memory Loss. 

Do you know a veteran who suffers from Memory Loss? Is that veteran a family member or dear friend?

Memory loss has many causes, including Alzheimer’s and other dementias, for which there are no cures. The slow decline of Memory Loss can take years. Communication and conversation become more sporadic until there are no words at all.

What if I told you that there was a way to reopen that connection and to stimulate communication between the Veteran with Memory Loss, their caregivers and family members who love them?

GOOD NEWS!  Welcome to Life in The US MILITARY. . . a unique picture book designed for Veterans with Memory Loss that does just that! The bold, brilliant full-color images – including buzz cuts, bugles, jeeps, drill sergeants and USO Shows – cut deep to the core of defining life moments and remarkable memories, often stimulating spirited conversations and stories . . . keys to communication feared lost forever.

Communication, connection and the creation of new treasured moments . . . the silver lining in the dark clouds of memory loss.

This book is as much for caregivers and family members of all ages as it is for the Veteran with Memory Loss. It produces results ranging from quiet reflections to spirited shared reminiscences . . . from a short respite to give the caregiver time to take a breath to a treasured moment of solid communication with a loved one that may take your breath away!

Purchase one and get it into the hands of those who are caring for your special veteran to make a positive difference in their lives today!


While it may be true that  “Old Soldiers never die . . . they just fade away” . . . this book may delay the fading of Veterans with Memory Loss!