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Simple Tips for Caregivers


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Visual Stimulation as a Way to Connect

The following Tips for Caregivers are offered with our hope that we can make your difficult job just a little easier. If this Tip works for you, please click at the bottom to register to receive other Tips for Caregivers at absolutely no cost.

The old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” is even truer for a person suffering from memory loss.

Know what your loved one likes, because images that engage a person’s interests can become your “go to” tools that provide periods of quiet reflection and can stimulate conversations.

Remember that every person with memory loss (no matter the cause) experiences things differently. What works for one person may not work in the same manner for another.

Be in tune with their most positive, awake, alert and lucid periods, as responses will be greatly enhanced. Perform this activity in a calm and positive environment.

Note as memory loss progresses that magazine images with many details and even familiar photographs may become very confusing to the person with memory loss. There comes a point where there is just too much to take in and absorb. Keep it simple.

Be alert to any signs of frustration and upset which can lead to aggravation and anger.

Start with the most obvious images. Use family albums and photographs that have been on display right there in the person’s home as well as old favorite illustrated magazines.

As you present each image, use spoken cues to draw out their participation.

Ask: What do you see? What thoughts do you have about this? What feelings? Can you tell me a story about this?

Listen and watch to see what happens.

Be very patient. Look for facial responses: smiles, audible responses, laughter or any comments.

Remember to empathize. Wear their shoes. This is for them.

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