“I sit with mom with the SIMPLE PLEASURES© picture books in hand. Mom enjoys holding the books and I turn the pages. The FRUITS continually bring a smile, especially the apple. I remind her that she always ate “all” of the apple – seeds and all! She smiles.
With the FUN FOODS book she shows a keen interest in the Hamburger image. She opens her mouth like I was handing her the burger to eat!
I leave the books in her dresser drawer – well-labeled, of course – for other family members to use when they visit.
I plan on visiting Mom tomorrow and going over the books with her again. I’ll keep you posted! I think the SIMPLE PLEASURES© books are such a great idea . . . they continue to give us something to converse about . . . and for both of us to have a smile.”
Marilyn about her mother Mary, 84 years old with high level of dementia

“SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© was an unexpected pleasure. Mom has dementia as well as being limited to non-existent speech. I opened the FRUITS book, showing my mother the apple. Her eyes flew open wide and a big smile came across her face along with an “ooh”. She was just delighted – and so was I to see her reaction. We continued through the book and I continued to enjoy her positive response. What a joy for both her and me. Thanks for making some of our moments together a little brighter for both of us.”
Susan about her mother Florence, 88 years old with high level of dementia