“Dan Koffman’s innovative book series, SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS©, beautifully illustrates universal objects and experiences that cut through the haze of short-term memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease. One of my many favorites, FRUITS, taps into long-ago memories of tree picking, pie making and yummy sweet desserts. By coaxing up deep reflections, such as holding a fresh red apple and recalling how delicious that first crunchy and juicy bite is, pleasant thoughts create new opportunities for connection. With (soon to be) over 24 engaging titles, from FUN FOODS to HAND TOOLS, family caregivers select those that best resonate with their loved one—and care facilities should have the entire (expanding) series available for their residents, as they generate smiles not only from Special Seniors, but also from their grateful families.”
Jacqueline Marcell

Author of: “Elder Rage”, international speaker, host of “Coping with Caregiving” radio show

“SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© Books . . . I think you really have something here! I especially like how there is only one thing on each page and it looks so real. People with dementia only know what “they see right now” so, the only better thing would be to put that item into their hands. Seeing these familiar items will surely evoke memories or simply a twinkle in their eye. Joys to you . . . your warm heart is felt in many ways by what I see.”
Jolene Brackey
Author of: “Creating Moments of Joy for the Person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia” book series

“Dan Koffman’s book, FRUITS, provided a key to the door of memories for my mother. We shared the book and mom smiled and laughed while recalling summers so long ago and memories of fun with friends and family as she looked at the pictures of the strawberries and watermelon. FRUITS, like the other books in your series, allows family and caregivers to rebuild connections today based on awakening recollections from years ago. After about 30 minutes of exploring FRUITS and stimulating mom’s recall, she closed the book, and said, “That was nice. Can we do more later?” As a family member and caregiver, hearing those words from someone with memory loss was truly music to my ears. Thanks for a beautiful book and a bridge to stimulating more conversations with my mom.”
Ron Kauffman, CSA
Author of: “Caring for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease”

“As a designer, I was amazed at the bold simplicity of the SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books. My mother is in the mid-late stages of dementia and I shared your books with her and was surprised and pleased by her engaged facial expressions and response. Well done!”
Ethel Kessler, Kessler Design Group, Bethesda, MD
Designer of the 2008 Alzheimer’s Disease Postage Stamp
Latest addition to the US Postal Service Social Awareness Stamp Serie

Alzheimer's Stamp by Ethel Kessler

Alzheimer's Stamp by Ethel Kessler