“As a Family Practice Doctor, one of my focuses is on geriatric care. In my role as medical director at an inter-generational care community, I routinely work with seniors with moderate to severe memory loss. I find that the images and subjects of the SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books create an easy opportunity for engagement and communication with these patients. Additionally, we have a hardcover set of SIMPLE PLEASURES© books in our waiting room to be used by patients.”
Dr. Corrine L. Bresko, MD – Family Practitioner, Stanwood, WA

“Our Activity Assistants are enjoying using the SIMPLE PLEASURES© books with our residents who have memory loss. The books are easy for us to reach for and utilize as an engaging activity for our residents on a daily basis. The responses that we are seeing are often uplifting, surprising and gratifying . . . we can feel the connection. It’s great to have a drug-free visual therapy easily available such as the SIMPLE PLEASURES© books that have only positive side effects. The books and the images are dignified, colorful and powerful . . . and they are fun, too! We look forward to expanding the library of SIMPLE PLEASURES© titles so as to connect with even more facets of life experience of our residents. SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books are “simply wonderful!”
Diana Koob, Activity Director at Josephine, an Intergenerational Care Community, Stanwood, WA

“Many of our clients suffer from Alzheimer’s and related dementia. It is not unusual that they become behaviorally agitated and confused. Our Personal Attendants are trained in techniques that can calm and diffuse these behaviors. When appropriate, the SIMPLE PLEASURES© books can easily engage a person’s interest, redirecting their focus and reducing the anxiety and confusion. This is an ideal outcome and can lighten an otherwise difficult moment for all involved. The broad appeal of the series makes it easy to find an image that is just right!”
John O’Brien, President, Central Coast Senior Services, Inc., Pacific Grove, CA

“Response by residents with varying degrees of dementia to the images in the SIMPLE PLEASURES© book continue to be 100% . . . ranging from wide eyes, smiles and ooo’s and ahhh’s to expressing personal likes and even the sharing of good memories. Even those with severe dementia smile and laugh. SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© is, believe it or not, a drug free, self-contained, easy to use, anytime activity that really works for our residents with mid-level to more advanced dementias. SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© is a touch of simplicity for solid heart-mind connection!”
David Johnson, Personal Pathways, Garden House, Merrill Gardens at Stanwood, WA

“We are utilizing the wonderful SIMPLE PLEASURES© books in the Garden House, our Alzheimer’s Care Facility, on a daily basis. We continuously get great reliable results when we use these beautiful, fun and engaging books as a daily activity for our residents who suffer from moderate to severe memory loss. Their ease of use is especially appreciated by our busy staff!”
Tamara Gordon, General Manager, Garden House, Merrill Gardens at Cordata, Bellingham, WA

“SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books are a new and enlightening way to connect with loved ones who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases. These easy to use books may also be a useful tool for individuals who suffer from memory loss as the result of an injury or other memory related illnesses. The SIMPLE PLEASURES© book series offers an opportunity to spark reflections and reminiscences, thus improving the quality of life to both residents and their families.”
Barb Paterson, Administrator, Eagle Ridge Assisted Living, Ferndale, WA

“As a pharmacist, reviewing the SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia was of personal and professional interest. I keep a set of the hardcover books in my office and from time to time loan them out to caregivers for at home use. Dan Koffman has shared the idea of an abridged booklet version that we could give away to customers picking up pharmaceuticals that are specific to memory loss. I wholeheartedly endorse this idea, especially if new titles are periodically made available.”
Mark Phibbs, P.C., pharmacist and owner, Mark’s Camano Island Pharmacy, Camano Island, WA

“I work in a nursing home in the Special Care Unit in Allentown, PA. The 14 residents we have at present are in the moderate-to-severe stage of Alzheimer’s. While we do have daily learning and social activities,  I decided to go on-line to see what else was available. I looked at children’s and baby learning books, but nothing I saw was appropriate. When I found your SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© website, I was delighted and placed an order immediately. I think this is a great way to communicate with people in the later stages of this disease. Thanks for making these valuable resources available!”
Susan Bayer, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Department of Family Medicine, Allentown, PA

“I used the SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books in a small dementia group and really think that they are very good tools. This was a low–functioning group and every person participated at some level. The SIMPLE PLEASURES© pictures are so very realistic and I think that is what made it so successful. And, of course, the pictures reminded people of times they enjoyed the foods, etc., etc. . . so we heard good stories. I was very, very pleased with the activity.”
Mary Lynn Palmer, RN, St Joseph Hospital Adult Day Health Program, Bellingham, WA