“I am so touched by your SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books and your genuine enthusiasm in helping people cope with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory loss illnesses. What a creative way for individuals to keep their memories active. Alzheimer’s disease too often divides families and isolates loved ones from one another. It is individuals like you and the resources that you have created that can bridge the gap and empower us to enjoy the life, love and laughter of our family. Again, I appreciate your wonderful books . . . your dedication to this devastating illness is inspirational.”
Maria Shriver

First Lady of the State of California, Alzheimer’s Research Advocate

“Dan Koffman’s SIMPLE PLEASURES© book series is a wonderful resource for eliciting memories and conversation with individuals who have cognitive challenges. The pictures of familiar objects and foods are thoughtfully selected and beautifully illustrated. The books may also be used to introduce activities and entice reluctant participants to join in. For example, the HAND TOOLS book may stimulate a conversation about a simple building project which can then be carried out. The illustrations in the FRUITS book are so appetizing that you can almost smell the sliced oranges—a wonderful opportunity to encourage reluctant eaters. I look forward to future issues—from gardening to chocolate to the great outdoors, there is something for everyone.”
Rebecca G. Logsdon, PhD, Research Professor, University of Washington, School of Nursing, Northwest Research Group on Aging

“The pictures in the SIMPLE PLEASURES FOR SPECIAL SENIORS© books are beautiful and I can just imagine folks trying to lift the items right off the page to eat them or use them. I think these books will be very engaging for seniors with dementia and should be a great help for activities directors who are trying to find appropriate materials for their programs.”
Dr. Michelle Bourgeois, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor of Speech & Hearing Science, Ohio State University, and recipient of the prestigious 2007 Barry Reisberg Award for Non-Pharmacologic Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice for her “Memory Books and Other Graphic Cuing Systems”

“The high quality of the photographs in SIMPLE PLEASURES© books, and the relevance of the items selected to the lives of persons with dementia, makes these materials a natural for eliciting engagement. These should be especially relevant for working with those challenging residents, family members and clients who have difficulty communicating due to more advanced dementia.”
Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., Cognitive Psychologist, Research Scientist
Author of “Activities for Persons with Dementia” and other titles